Day in the life of a Quaystage Sailor

Logbook entry from Sail Camper Samuel:

Today we set off from Gunwharf Quays on our way to anchor up on the coast of the Isle of Wight. We started with a lesson on rules of the road. We all made our own little sails out of paper and played boats in small scenarios to determine who had priority. We then set off and began by tacking up the Solent. I helmed for part of it, while the other gave helpful (not!) advise. Afterwards, we all sat along the high side of the boat with our feet over the edge.

Because of the slightly stronger winds, the waves were a bit larger, which meant that as we were flying up the Solent, we got absolutely soaked. Or at least I did, as I was seated at the front and took most of it. It was great fun! At one point, one of the paddleboards tied to the rails on the bow started to flap about, so Cameron and Miriam ventured to tie it back on. While they were re-tying the knots, a big wave crashed on the foredeck, and they returned absolutely soaked as well.

laughing teenagers on yacht in strong winds and spray

We eventually reached our destination where we were swinging off anchor for the night. The weather was lovely, so we did a lot of swimming, and Megan couldn’t master a dive. When we had dived in, the tide was so strong that if we didn’t paddle hard enough, we just didn’t move. And also, Megan was a “knob” and pushed me in. We then got out the water guns and swam over to Kulu (the other boat) for a raid, which resulted in most of both crews splashing around in the water. We ended the evening with a lovely meal by Mala of Chicken Fajitas. Bellissimo!

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