Adventure Sailing Holiday: From the Skipper’s Logbook

This Pioneer Sail Camp turned into a wind-swept adventure sailing holiday right from the start, as we left the marina in Port Solent just in time for the breeze picking up!


Day 1 : Setting Sail from Portsmouth to Cowes

What a way to start off our sailing summer camps in the UK this week! Once the sails were up, they caught some serious wind, and we got a taste of what this adventure sailing holiday is about. We dove right into the RYA training, learning how to handle ropes and winches, tacking and gybing across the Solent. Some serious upper arm work-out was included in today’s programme as well! Steering the best course to wind wasn’t easy today, but the crew soon got the hang of it. Reading the wind like seasoned sailors, they sailed our two yachts all the way to Cowes in time for dinner!

adventure sailing holiday

Day 2 : More RYA Training & a Lesson in Meteorology

On the morning of day 2, it was time to get out the charts and plan our passage to Buckler’s Hard together. We covered plotting and chart work in today’s RYA theory lesson, as heading into Beaulieu River, the yachts would have to pass a sandbank. Therefore, planning your passage thoroughly is a must, if you don’t want to run aground!

The winds still hadn’t died down as we got back out to sea, so all our practice from yesterday was put to good use. Moreover, our Sail Campers took turns helming all the way to Beaulieu. They even took us off the mooring in Cowes, which is no easy task! With Force 4 winds pushing us along, we also got a real-life lesson in Meteorology and sea conditions on our way back to the mainland.

What’s next?

Now, Sail Camps isn’t all knots and sails! In Beaulieu, the crews set out to collect specimen samples with Mate Lizzy for their first Marine Science session. And after our fleet of inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddleboards was pumped up in preparation for tomorrow’s adventures, we ended the day with Curry Night (prepared by today’s fabulous galley watch) and games.



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