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Sailing Adventures for Teens

Our Buccaneer Sail Camps are sailing adventures under sail for teens who love to being on the water sailing and who dare to look beyond the horizon!

Buccaneers, or – to use a less fancy term – pirates, have inspired many a story of adventures and (often controversial) heroes. They were skilled and hardy seafarers, their crews often comprised of adventurers and scoundrels from around the world, and when they braved the seven seas, they knew no fear…

Our Buccaneer Sail Camps are sailing adventures for teens who are ready to challenge themselves and go on a voyage worthy of a true Buccaneer.

The are usually up to 12 days long, and include overnight and day passages at sea.

These voyages are about achieving the miles rather than activities.  You don’t need any previous sailing experience, but Buccaneer Sail Camps are for those amongst you who are ready to get their hands and feet wet, to feel the wind and spray on their faces, and the freedom of life at sea!

Together with your crew of like-minded adventurers and our professional skippers, you will learn to sail under the sun and the stars, to read charts and treasure maps, to spin a yarn and sing sea shanties, and to navigate your vessel to unknown shores.

So stretch your sea legs, pack your sea bag and come on board for the voyage of a lifetime!

Buccaneers Sail Camp Facts:

Variety of different voyages to different destinations
Yachts and Tall Ships
All levels of sailing experience
RYA Certificates
Gold DofE Residential section
Youth adventure sailing
Youth adventure sailing
Youth adventure sailing
Youth adventure sailing
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While our other Sail Camp adventures are made up of a number of shorter sailing passages with lots of other activities in between, our Buccaneer Sail Camps focus mainly on the sailing. They usually consist of one or several longer passages to unique destinations – from beautiful remote islands to bustling cities – and often also a passage back to simplify your logistics.

This means you will get to truly immerse yourself in the life of a sailor, spending your days and nights at sea, and waking up to a new view every morning.
This may also include some rougher seas and weather, but that is all part of the adventure – and the sense of achievement you and your crew will have gained once you come out on the other side, is unmatched!

And don’t worry, in between those sailing passages, there will be enough time to go ashore and explore the places we visit along the way!


As our Buccaneer Sail Camp voyages take place in a variety of different locations, please check the programme description for information on the respective port of embarkation and disembarkation. You will receive full joining instructions containing embarkation and disembarkation times and advice on how to get to your vessel, along with a kit list, upon completion of your booking. Some of our voyages will have a different embarkation and disembarkation ports. Please check this carefully before booking return travel arrangements.

All Sail Camp participants are required to book their own travel insurance. Please note that sailing might be considered a “high risk activity” by your insurance company, and make sure it is included in your insurance package.

Please make sure you fulfil all requirements to enter all countries visited on your Sail Camp for the entire length of your Sail Camp programme, including but not limited to a valid passport (for at least 3 months after the day you depart the last foreign port!), visa and required vaccinations or health certificates.


All Buccaneer Sail Camps are lead by RYA qualified sailing instructors, and sailing lessons on board follow the RYA syllabus. This means that during your voyage you will have the opportunity to complete a variety of different RYA certificates –including RYA Start Yachting, Competent Crew and, depending on experience, RYA Day Skipper certificate (with a Skills Completion weekend).

If you are looking to work towards your Day Skipper qualification, please get in touch with us before booking, as this is only achievable on certain voyages and with some previous sailing experience and preparation.


The Voyages

There are a variety of Buccaneer Sail Camps with different destinations, voyage lengths, vessels and number of crew members. Please read the following descriptions carefully when choosing your adventure:

UK South-West Coast

Youth Adventure Sailing

Get a real taste of adventure sailing on board Johanna Lucretia, a traditionally rigged topsail schooner!

We have joined up with our adventure partners from The Island Trust to provide you with a classic sailing adventure on this beautiful vessel.

It’s all hands on deck for you and your crew on this voyage – you’ll be involved in all aspects of life on board a traditional sailing vessel. From sweating the ropes and setting the sails, to helming and keeping a look out (not just for dolphins), or making dinner for your crew (always an adventure on a ship!) – every day on board is full of action!

And not just the days… Your voyage may also include an overnight passages. Sailing underneath the stars and watching the sun come up at the end of your night watch is an experience you will never forget.

Your voyage will start and finish in Plymouth and on your trip you’ll explore the waters around the south-western corner of England. If the weather is on your side, you might even make it all the way to the Silly Islands! The coasts of Cornwall and Devon  are full of seafaring history and tales of smugglers. It will be up to you and your crew to discover their hidden coves, tiny islands and secret beaches for a swim or a beach BBQ. And while under way, keep a good lookout for dolphins and basking sharks!

UK South-West Coast

Voyage Facts:

✔️ 6 days – Plymouth to Plymouth

✔️ Age: 13 – 19 y/o

✔️ No previous sailing experience necessary

✔️ RYA certificates possible (RYA Start Yachting or RYA Competent Crew)

✔️ DofE Residential opportunity

Youth adventure sailing
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Youth adventure sailing voyage
14 - 19 July 2024 - WAITLIST 28 July - 2 Aug 2024 - WAITLIST 4 - 9 August 2024 - WAITLIST £ 890

A big thank you to the staff, my daughter really had a wonderful time! Thanks so much! We literally googled this camp, called, and had a good feeling. Booked it and it was such a lucky shot! She is super enthusiastic about the whole week and staff. Thank you so so much!

Caroline A.
The Netherlands

This long trip was really worth it! Simon is enthusiastic about those two weeks on board with you around the Solent and the Isle of Wight. He’s yet looking forward to coming back! It was a wonderful experience. When we listen to him talking about his stay, we wish there would be a sailing camp for recycled teenagers! Thank you to the crew and all of you for your cheerfulness, friendship and inventive spirit!

Delphine Barthelemy Maxwell

My 16-year old daughter had an amazing experience on the one-week Buccaneer camp in July. The weather was great for exploring The Solent and Isle of White. The Quaystage hosts, Miriam and Ben were fantastic - balancing the right amount of freedom, fun and control! Thank you - we hope to be back next year for a longer trip across the Channel.


My son spent a week sailing and he had a great time. All things worked seamlessly. Atmosphere was really good and Quaystage team is super nice and professional. Great experience for any teenager.

Davis S.

Brilliant! Our son, 17, had an amazing time. Superb organisation, extremely professional. Young people clearly had lots of fun, organisers were very careful to make the participants fit as best possible (age, goals etc.), loads learnt, great time had. Great communication too, both with parents and kids. Friendly, welcoming, uncomplicated, motivated. Could not be happier, great summer camp for young people. And they even organised splendid weather on the Solent . Thank-you!

Martina K.

My son had a fantastic time, Everyone was really nice, well organised, professional, Looked after the Kids well. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10. Thank you Quaystage


Our kids had a fabulous time with Quaystage this summer. They returned home happy, confident and with lots of stories to tell and new friends. The week was a good mixture of learning new skills, experiencing sailing for the first time, enjoying the outdoors and just messing around in the water or playing games on shore. They would love to return next year and hopefully they'll carry on sailing in the future!

Holly M.

Pioneer course was excellent for beginners wanting their 1st yatching experience. Lots of fun over 7 days with lots of self generated entertainment for the teenagers across teh whole week. Only small complaint was uneven storage arrangements between the crew.

Daniel d.V.

Excellent camp - my son had a wonderful time.

Rebecca B.
Quaystage training
Quaystage training


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