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5 & 7 Day Adventures

Our UK-based summer Teen “Pioneer” Sail Camps for 13 -17 year olds are Quaystage Training’s most popular Sail Camp adventure programmes. Pioneer Sail Camps are the perfect choice for those with limited to no previous experience, as well as those with some experience.

Join us and other adventurers like you for a 5 or 7 day Sail Camp exploring the Solent and the Isle of Wight. Learn to sail your yacht to the destination of your next afternoon swim or beach BBQ, go on a canoeing excursion up Beaulieu River or Newtown Creek, and discover crabs, anemones and tiny creatures called plankton during one of our marine bio sessions. No two days on board are ever the same!

Pioneer Sail Camp Facts:

Age 13-17 years
5 days or 7 days
UK based (Solent and South coast)
All levels of sailing experience
Ideal for beginners
Introduction to marine biology
RYA Tuition and certificates
Duke of Edinburgh Residential (Gold level)

While learning to sail is at the heart of every Sail Camp, there are so many other fun things going on during a Pioneer Sail Camp! You could be going on a river excursion in our inflatable canoes and SUPs, rock pooling and learning about marine science, going on treasure hunts, or engaging in a friendly competition with the other boats in your flotilla.

And although the Sail Camp programme’s main emphasis is on everything above and below the water, you and your crew will also get the opportunity to go exploring ashore. Hike to places of outstanding beauty, explore the salt marshes at sunrise, challenge yourself to a ‘run&dip’ or support your crew at a game of rounders at the beach!

(Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.)


The Solent on the South Coast of England is an area steeped in history and natural beauty, with pretty fishing ports, islands and a wealth of activities for the enthusiastic marine scientist. Its sheltered waters make our Pioneer Sail Camps ideal for young sailors with little or no previous sailing experience.


Our teen summer Sailing Camps include elements of Quaystage Training’s Science@Sea programme. On board you will spend some of your time learning about marine life and biodiversity, looking at the impact of microplastics and climate change.


Our Pioneer Sail Camps run for 5 or 7 consecutive days. Full joining instructions contain joining and departure times, details of where to find your yacht and your Sail Camp crew, along with a kit list that will be sent to you prior to the course upon completion of your booking.

Some of our voyages will have a different embarkation and disembarkation port. Please check this carefully before booking return travel arrangements.

We recommend not booking any travel before you receive your booking confirmation and joining instructions.

We recommend booking travel insurance for all our Sail Camps and courses. Please note that sailing might be considered a “high risk activity” by your insurance company, and make sure it is included in your insurance package.


Our RYA completion weekends are an opportunity for our Sail Camp participants to complete RYA certificates they have started on one of our Sail Camps. This could be an RYA Day Skipper for our more experienced Sail Campers, or a Competent Crew certificate for sailing novices who need a little more practise than a 7 day Sail Camp can offer to achieve this level of experience.

The Pioneer Sail Camp Formula

In addition to sailing you could be coasting on inflatable canoes and SUPs, swimming and snorkelling, rock pooling and learning about marine science, going on treasure hunts, or engaging in a friendly competition with the other boats in your flotilla. *

*Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions

Sailing summer camp for teens in England

2025 programme coming soon!

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RYA Competent Crew or Day Skipper course weekend

2025 programme coming soon!

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A Typical Day

Not two days on board are ever the same, but here is what a day on your Pioneer Sail Camp could look like:

0800 HOURS


Wake up to the sounds of a morning at anchor – the splashing of the waves against the hull, the calls of seabirds – and get fuelled up on hot chocolate and breakfast. At the morning briefing, we discuss plans for the day and assign daily tasks such as meal prep, dishes and log book duty, followed by today’s sailing lesson: steering and course to the wind, which you will need later when sailing the yacht towards our next destination.

1000 HOURS


…to get ready to leave! While some are some are preparing an easy-to-eat lunch at sea (it’s gonna be windy!), others are unpacking sails, tidying up ropes and securing our inflatables on deck.
(Jobs on board get rotated daily so that everybody gets a chance to try out and learn all the skills.)
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1100 HOURS


Heave up the anchor and get ready to set the sails – we’re going out to sea!
On the passage, all crew rotate between taking the helm, pulling the ropes and just enjoying the cruise.

Get ready to pull your sleeves up as we challenge the other boats to a friendly race to our next anchorage!

Teenagers sailing a yacht, helming and pulling the ropes

1300 HOURS


After a quick lunch at sea, we drop anchor in a sheltered bay not too far off the beach, it’s time to launch the inflatables and – most importantly – the boat swing!
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1500 HOURS


We’re marina-bound for the night to fill up our water tanks and give boat and crew a fresh-water rinse after yesterday’s beach BBQ. While the duty-watch is steering and navigating the yacht towards the marina, the rest of the crew can take a little nap on the foredeck until the next time we need to tack.

1700 HOURS


Once moored up, the crew is going on an excursion to a nearby beach where the outgoing tide has exposed rock pools brimming with marine critters. Geared up with buckets, crabbing lines and cameras we’ll go hunting for limpets, shrimps and anemones. And who can catch the biggest crab?
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1800 HOURS


Back on board we’ll have a closer look at some of our finds to identify species and learn about their roles in the marine ecosystem. Did you know that even the tiniest shrimps have a big impact on all our lives?

1900 HOURS


After a day full of adventures, everyone is a hungry, and no pasta dish has ever been better than the one you prepared yourself, and are enjoying while sitting on deck with your friends, chatting about your day.
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2100 HOURS


There’s still time for a game of Rounders, or two, before the sun sets and it gets too dark to see the ball.
The rules of Rounders are completely clear, almost self-explanatory.
Accurate book is kept of all scores and misses, and there is never any confusion.
Nobody ever cheats at Rounders!

2200 HOURS


Once all crew and the BBQ are back on board, sanded off and dried up, it is time to relax! Some will want to watch the stars rise from their front row seats on deck, while others prefer one last competition over a round of UNO.

Group of teens relaxing and sleeping on deck a yacht at night
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A big thank you to the staff, my daughter really had a wonderful time! Thanks so much! We literally googled this camp, called, and had a good feeling. Booked it and it was such a lucky shot! She is super enthusiastic about the whole week and staff. Thank you so so much!

Caroline A.
The Netherlands

This long trip was really worth it! Simon is enthusiastic about those two weeks on board with you around the Solent and the Isle of Wight. He’s yet looking forward to coming back! It was a wonderful experience. When we listen to him talking about his stay, we wish there would be a sailing camp for recycled teenagers! Thank you to the crew and all of you for your cheerfulness, friendship and inventive spirit!

Delphine Barthelemy Maxwell

My 16-year old daughter had an amazing experience on the one-week Buccaneer camp in July. The weather was great for exploring The Solent and Isle of White. The Quaystage hosts, Miriam and Ben were fantastic - balancing the right amount of freedom, fun and control! Thank you - we hope to be back next year for a longer trip across the Channel.


My son spent a week sailing and he had a great time. All things worked seamlessly. Atmosphere was really good and Quaystage team is super nice and professional. Great experience for any teenager.

Davis S.

Brilliant! Our son, 17, had an amazing time. Superb organisation, extremely professional. Young people clearly had lots of fun, organisers were very careful to make the participants fit as best possible (age, goals etc.), loads learnt, great time had. Great communication too, both with parents and kids. Friendly, welcoming, uncomplicated, motivated. Could not be happier, great summer camp for young people. And they even organised splendid weather on the Solent . Thank-you!

Martina K.

My son had a fantastic time,
Everyone was really nice, well organised, professional, Looked after the Kids well. Highly recommended.
10 out of 10. Thank you Quaystage


Our kids had a fabulous time with Quaystage this summer. They returned home happy, confident and with lots of stories to tell and new friends. The week was a good mixture of learning new skills, experiencing sailing for the first time, enjoying the outdoors and just messing around in the water or playing games on shore. They would love to return next year and hopefully they'll carry on sailing in the future!

Holly M.

Pioneer course was excellent for beginners wanting their 1st yatching experience. Lots of fun over 7 days with lots of self generated entertainment for the teenagers across teh whole week. Only small complaint was uneven storage arrangements between the crew.

Daniel d.V.

Excellent camp - my son had a wonderful time.

Rebecca B.
Quaystage training
Quaystage training

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