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At a key stage in their personal development, Quaystage Sail Camps (see what we did there? ?) offer young people an experience to empower them to become confident, independent young adults, and live up to their full potential.

The Sail Camps concept was designed by Ben Swain, founder and director of Quaystage Training, to accumulate his over 25 years of experience in sail training and working with young people, to create an alternative learning environment for teenagers and young adults beyond the traditional classroom, to explore their own potential and abilities, as well as the wonderfully fascinating world we live in.

While enjoying the sense of freedom of being at sea and exploring new places, they get a growing sense of their capabilities, as well as their own place in the world. In the tight-knit community on board each participant will take on their unique role, while the crew learn to work together and rely on each other as a team to take on more and more responsibility and ownership for ‘their boat’.

Teenagers learning about marine science on board a yacht
A Passionate Team of Experts...

The project has since attracted a passionate, multi-national team of sailors, educators and scientists who all share their knowledge and experience to make each Sail Camp a truly exciting, immersive and educational adventure. And while we come from all over the world and different backgrounds, we all have one thing in common that drives us to give our best on every single Sail Camp: we have seen the impact even a few days on board can have on a young person’s life!

Some teenagers suddenly open up and form new, tight friendships, others grow more confident in and reliant on their own abilities, some learn to step out of their comfort zone and face a challenge even though they fear it, and others start to appreciate time away from their social media…

Prepare to send off your teenager… and welcome home a young adult!

To your teenager, their time at Sail Camp will feel like an exciting adventure full of trying out new activities, visiting new places and meeting new, like-minded friends, but really, it is a high-impact learning environment to foster social and leadership skills, environmental and cultural awareness, and personal growth. Your son or daughter may only notice those changes looking back on their summer adventure later in life, but we are sure that you will notice them, the moment you welcome them home again…

A big thank you to the staff, my daughter really had a wonderful time! Thanks so much! We literally googled this camp, called, and had a good feeling. Booked it and it was such a lucky shot! She is super enthusiastic about the whole week and staff. Thank you so so much!

Caroline A.
The Netherlands

This long trip was really worth it! Simon is enthusiastic about those two weeks on board with you around the Solent and the Isle of Wight. He’s yet looking forward to coming back! It was a wonderful experience. When we listen to him talking about his stay, we wish there would be a sailing camp for recycled teenagers! Thank you to the crew and all of you for your cheerfulness, friendship and inventive spirit!

Delphine Barthelemy Maxwell

My 16-year old daughter had an amazing experience on the one-week Buccaneer camp in July. The weather was great for exploring The Solent and Isle of White. The Quaystage hosts, Miriam and Ben were fantastic - balancing the right amount of freedom, fun and control! Thank you - we hope to be back next year for a longer trip across the Channel.


My son spent a week sailing and he had a great time. All things worked seamlessly. Atmosphere was really good and Quaystage team is super nice and professional. Great experience for any teenager.

Davis S.

Brilliant! Our son, 17, had an amazing time. Superb organisation, extremely professional. Young people clearly had lots of fun, organisers were very careful to make the participants fit as best possible (age, goals etc.), loads learnt, great time had. Great communication too, both with parents and kids. Friendly, welcoming, uncomplicated, motivated. Could not be happier, great summer camp for young people. And they even organised splendid weather on the Solent . Thank-you!

Martina K.

My son had a fantastic time,
Everyone was really nice, well organised, professional, Looked after the Kids well. Highly recommended.
10 out of 10. Thank you Quaystage


Our kids had a fabulous time with Quaystage this summer. They returned home happy, confident and with lots of stories to tell and new friends. The week was a good mixture of learning new skills, experiencing sailing for the first time, enjoying the outdoors and just messing around in the water or playing games on shore. They would love to return next year and hopefully they'll carry on sailing in the future!

Holly M.

Pioneer course was excellent for beginners wanting their 1st yatching experience. Lots of fun over 7 days with lots of self generated entertainment for the teenagers across teh whole week. Only small complaint was uneven storage arrangements between the crew.

Daniel d.V.

Excellent camp - my son had a wonderful time.

Rebecca B.
Quaystage training
Quaystage training

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