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Exclusive offer in partnership with Darwin200Become a Wildlife Explorer

The Tall Ship Sailing Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with our exclusive offer to join the Darwin200 voyage, sailing on a historic tall ship at an unprecedented discount!

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, as you sail along the Patagonian coast and to the breathtakingly beautiful Falkland Islands. This small group of islands is home to five species of penguins, sea lions, fur seals and elephant seals, the largest breeding colony of albatrosses, and many more amazing amazing animals.

Aboard the Oosterschelde, a beautifully restored historic tall ship, you will become part of the crew and learn how to sail such a majestic vessel. You are also welcome to learn more about the surrounding wildlife from the scientists and conservation experts accompanying this voyage, and take part in ongoing research and conservation efforts on board.

Seize this rare chance to be part of a remarkable journey that combines history, conservation, and the untamed beauty of the open sea!

Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Tall ship sailing adventure
Tall ship sailing adventure Falkland Islands
Two weeks sailing on a historic tall ship
Become part of the crew and learn to sail a historic sailing ship
See some of the most amazing places & wildlife in the world
Get involved in cutting-edge science and conservation projects on board
Exclusive offer: 50% off the regular price
All levels of sailing experience
About Darwin200

200 years after Charles Darwin embarked on his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle the results of which would alter the way we see the world (and ultimately ourselves), another tall ship is sailing along his route to study the species Darwin discovered, and find new ways to protect them.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Find and train the world’s best 200 young conservationists, and equip them with the skills to change the world.
  • Get young people around the world excited about nature and conservation by engaging them in the “World’s Most Exciting Classroom”
  • Several research projects surveying wildlife as well as pollution along the route – and testing out new ways to solve some of the problems our planet is facing.

Combining research and conservation with outreach and education, while empowering young leaders to fight for a better future, Darwin200 is a planetary conservation initiative that aims to change the world of tomorrow… and you can become part of it!

The Ship

Built in 1917, Oosterschelde is the last remaining of the large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of the 20th century.

At 50 m long, she is also the largest restored Dutch sailing ship, and carries almost 900 sqm of sail, and up to 24 voyage crew. Voyage crew is what the guest on board are called. Unlike on a cruise ship, there are no passengers on board a tall ship, as everyone is welcome to join in sail handling and the running of the ship. To ensure everybody’s safety and well-being, the three-master is staffed by 7 professional seafarers as well.

Accommodation on board is in same-sex cabins (2 or 4 berths) with washbasins, and communal showers and toilets. Included in the price are all meals prepared by a professional chef, as well as snacks, coffee and tea.

Below deck you’ll find a beautiful and spacious saloon with a piano, fireplace and seating areas to read, write or chat with the other guests and scientist on board. You’ll b e able to experience the true thrill and freedom of life at sea, only a lot more comfortable than it would have been for the sailors in 1917! ?

Who can take part?

Adventurers from all backgrounds are welcome to join this once-in-a-lifetime voyage – no previous sailing experience necessary! All you need is a sense of adventure, curiosity and an open mind.

Minimum age for solo travelers is 16. Younger participants may be considered if accompanied by an adult – please get in touch!

Please note that this voyage contains periods on open water away from the shore, where medical help is not always immediately available.

Travel Information

Travel to and from the ship is not included in the booking. However, we may be able to assist you with travel arrangements through our partners at Darwin200.

There are direct flights to Puerto Madryn available from London and many other airports. Returning from the Falkland Islands, you can choose between a direct flight with the RAF to Brize Norton (Oxfordshire) or commercial flights with a stop-over in Santiago de Chile.

Weather allowing, we are planning to make landfall in several stunning locations around the Falkland Islands before arriving in Stanley. However, if you have the time to spare, we highly recommend spending a few more days on the islands and exploring with local tour operators.

Please make sure you have all required travel documents and sufficient travel insurance. Travelers under the age of 18 will need special paperwork to travel to Argentina. Please check with your airline and the foreign office.

Nature & Wildlife

Wildlife in the Falkland Islands is nothing short of spectacular!

The islands are home to 5 species of penguins, fur seals, elephant seals and sea lions scattering their white sandy beaches, as well as many fascinating sea bird species – amongst others the largest breeding colony of albatrosses in the world!

The surrounding waters are frequented by dolphins and at least 15 different species of whales – amongst them orcas, sperm whales and humpback whales!

No matter if you are an aspiring marine biologist, hobby naturalist, wildlife photographer, or couldn’t name the differences between a seagull and a pigeon – you will find yourself enthralled with these beautiful islands and their wild inhabitants!

Experiential Learning

Learning to sail and navigate a ship and facing the physical and mental challenges of being out at sea, have shown over and over to inspire confidence in young people (and people of all ages ?), as well as an increased awareness of the environment around them. Living in the tight-knit community on board develops teamwork, leadership and, most of all, friendship.

Learning hands-on skills like calculating a course, predicting the tides or adjusting the sails to the wind bring classic curriculum items out of the classroom and into an approachable and fun context. And experiencing nature with such intensity forms a strong connection to the natural world and an increased desire to protect it. The aim of this voyage is to equip young people with skills to make the world a better place – and the confidence that they can make a difference!

Tall ship sailing adventure DARWIN200
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Sailing in the

South Atlantic Ocean!

One of the freedoms of sailing is the ability to visit the places we want to go to without having to rely on scheduled transport to get us there. So each voyage will be a completely unique experience! Nonetheless, here are a few ideas of what you will see and do while exploring the Cycladic Islands and the Aegean Sea:

Feel the freedom


Hopping between islands, the concepts of “water” and “land” will soon start to shift for you. The rocking of the boat on the waves will become the new norm as you spend your nights and most of your days in your floating home, and the steady feel of the shore will feel odd to you.

Within two weeks, our daily seamanship training will have you talking like a sailor and sweating and tailing, like you’ve never done anything else. And at the end of the voyage, you’ll return home a tan and salty sailor, with a bag full of new skills (and probably some upper arm muscles, too) to show off!

Greece sailing

Dive right into


The scenery we’ll be sailing through island-hopping in the Aegean Sea is the stuff that sailing dreams and postcards are made of – but it doesn’t stop where the shore meets the waterline. Underneath the surface await reefs and wrecks brimming with life. Dive (quite literally!) right into an exciting new world and learn about those fascinating ecosystems as part of our Science@Sea programme!

On board, you will have endless opportunities to put theory into practice, and explore the marine habitats you’ve learnt about – on guided scuba dives or by simply stepping off your floating home with a pair of goggles and a snorkel!

scuba and snorkelling in Greece
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History and Mystery and


The wars, vendettas and love affairs of Greek deities and their offspring can fill books…  quite literally. Travelling in Greece you’ll stumble over their remains and reminders wherever you go, and we promise you, soon enough you’ll find yourself caught up in those dramas as well…

Greece sailing

Explore all that


Each island we will stop at has its own unique charm and secrets to discover. Hike to breath-taking views and later relax your muscles in a natural hot spring at the beach. Stroll around the cobble-stoned alleyways and white-washed houses of small fishing towns, admiring local crafts and trying all the local snacks.

Grow even closer with your team mates during games and competitions, learn how to cook authentic Greek meals with your crew or enjoy the beautiful scenery and crystal clear water during an afternoon at the beach. Not one day – or island – will be the same on your Explorer Sail Camp!
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