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Youth Adventures in Greece

Join us this summer on our new Sail Camps in Greece – our international sailing summer camps for teens ready to become Explorers!

Our teen sailing summer camps in Greece take the Sail Camp concept to the next level:

Two weeks of sailing, water-based activities and fun-filled adventures in the sunshine, now set in the stunning scenery and fascinating history of Greece. Dive right off your boat into crystal-clear water and explore the marine ecosystems underneath its surface, explore Greek coastal towns and historic sites, spoil your tastebuds while learning to prepare fresh Mediterranean meals with your crew mates, and spend the nights stargazing at your anchorage.

Our Explorers Sail Camp experiences are high-impact adventures designed to help you discover your true potential by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on responsibilities and leadership roles. You acquire practical skills and qualifications, learn about marine eco-systems and how to help protect them, and engage with local communities.

You will be working together closely in small teams to sail your vessels to where you want them to go and learn how to communicate and overcome challenges together. But who says all those valuable life lessons can’t be learned while splashing around in turquoise water, chilling on remote beaches and having the time of your life with the friends you make on this adventure?

Join us for more than your usual holiday this summer and EXPLORE Greece with us!

Greece sailing
turtle snorkel Greece
Greece sailing
Quaystage Sail Camps
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Snorkeling and diving in Greece
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Greece sailing

Explorers Sail Camp Facts:

A real adventure summer camp!
Age 14 – 18
All levels of sailing experience
Greece - 14 days
Includes elements of Dive Camp
Easy to reach via Athens International Airport
Science@Sea Marine Science programme
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Residential

Learning to sail is at the heart of every Sail Camp, and you will be surprised at how much you will learn within two weeks. Even if you have never stepped foot on a boat before – chances are, you will return home a salty seadog with a yarn to spin and knots to tie!

Besides learning the ins and outs of sailing, you will explore the Greek islands we visit and immerse yourself in the culture and history. You will wander the cobbled streets of small fishing towns, learn to cook authentic Greek dishes and hike to ancient ruins and stunning views. A mix of hands-on lessons, as well as snorkelling and scuba diving expeditions will also introduce you to the marine environment you will be calling your home.

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to just have fun with your crew – challenging the other boats to a friendly race, competing at the Beach Olympics or just relaxing at the beach or on deck together – the best part of travelling is always the people you travel with!

(Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.)


Sailing in the Aegean Sea around Greece is like stepping into your favourite movie: crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and sun-soaked days with just enough of a breeze to keep you comfortable and those sails full.

However, this Greek odyssey is not just for fair-weather sailors!

Starting from the famous port of Pireaus in Athens, we will make our way south through the wider Saronic Gulf and Cycladic Islands. A mix of island hopping along the coast and exhilarating blue water sails will satisfy the taste for adventure of even the more experienced sailors on board, while offering the opportunity to explore a variety of different islands, each with their unique nature, history and character.


Our teen summer sailing camps include elements of Quaystage Training’s Science@Sea programme. On board you will spend some of your time learning about marine life and biodiversity, looking at the impact of microplastics and climate change.


Our Explorer Sail Camps run for 14 consecutive days. They start and finish in Zea Marina in Athens, Greece, with the closest airport being Athens International Airport. Staff members will be at the airport to meet our Sail Campers on scheduled travel days.

Full joining instructions containing joining and departure times, details of where to find your yacht and your Sail Camp crew, along with a kit list will be sent to you prior to the course upon completion of your booking. We recommend not booking any travel before you receive your booking confirmation and joining instructions.

All Sail Camp participants are required to book their own travel insurance. Please note that sailing might be considered a “high risk activity” by your insurance company, and make sure it is included in your insurance package.

Our Explorer Sail Camps take place in an EU country. Please make sure you fulfil all requirements to enter the EU for the entire length of your Sail Camp programme, including but not limited to a valid passport (for at least 3 months after the day you depart Greece!), visa and required vaccinations or health certificates.


Our Explorer Sail Camps in Greece start and finish in Zea Marina, conveniently located close to Athens International Airport.

Airport Transfer:

Members of our staff will be at the airport during scheduled times (11 am – 2 pm) on arrival day to meet and greet Sail Campers and organize transfer to the marina. For transfer outside those hours, we are happy to assist with booking individual transfer through our local logistics partner. Transfer to the airport on departure day will be assisted by our local staff. Please book homeward bound flights for the afternoon, to allow for enough time for goodbyes, airport transfer and check-in on the morning of departure day.


As our Sail Campers will be joining us from all over the world, airfair is not included in the tuition fee. If you wish, our local logistics partner Sunsail can assist you with booking your flights (participants must be 16 or older at the time of travel for this service). For our participants from the UK, flights booked through Sunsail include ATOL protection.


Our RYA completion weekends in the UK are an opportunity for our Sail Camp participants to complete RYA certificates they have started on one of our Sail Camps. This could be an RYA Day Skipper for our more experienced Sail Campers*, or a Competent Crew certificate for sailing novices.

*Please contact us prior to booking to discuss course requirements!

The Explorers Sail Camp Formula

In addition to sailing you could be swimming and snorkelling, sometimes even scuba diving (watch out for the logo with the goggles!), learning about marine ecosystems, and exploring your host country with your crew.

Sailing Cycladic Islands Greece
International sailing summer camp for teens in Greece (14 days)
2025 programme coming soon!

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Explore Greece by yacht!

One of the freedoms of sailing is the ability to visit the places we want to go to without having to rely on scheduled transport to get us there. So each voyage will be a completely unique experience! Nonetheless, here are a few ideas of what you will see and do while exploring the Cycladic Islands and the Aegean Sea:

Feel the freedom


Hopping between islands, the concepts of “water” and “land” will soon start to shift for you. The rocking of the boat on the waves will become the new norm as you spend your nights and most of your days in your floating home, and the steady feel of the shore will feel odd to you.

Within two weeks, our daily seamanship training will have you talking like a sailor and sweating and tailing, like you’ve never done anything else. And at the end of the voyage, you’ll return home a tan and salty sailor, with a bag full of new skills (and probably some upper arm muscles, too) to show off!

Greece sailing

Dive right into


The scenery we’ll be sailing through island-hopping in the Aegean Sea is the stuff that sailing dreams and postcards are made of – but it doesn’t stop where the shore meets the waterline. Underneath the surface await reefs and wrecks brimming with life. Dive (quite literally!) right into an exciting new world and learn about those fascinating ecosystems as part of our Science@Sea programme!

On board, you will have endless opportunities to put theory into practice, and explore the marine habitats you’ve learnt about – on guided scuba dives or by simply stepping off your floating home with a pair of goggles and a snorkel!

scuba and snorkelling in Greece
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History and Mystery and


The wars, vendettas and love affairs of Greek deities and their offspring can fill books…  quite literally. Travelling in Greece you’ll stumble over their remains and reminders wherever you go, and we promise you, soon enough you’ll find yourself caught up in those dramas as well…

Greece sailing

Explore all that


Each island we will stop at has its own unique charm and secrets to discover. Hike to breath-taking views and later relax your muscles in a natural hot spring at the beach. Stroll around the cobble-stoned alleyways and white-washed houses of small fishing towns, admiring local crafts and trying all the local snacks.

Grow even closer with your team mates during games and competitions, learn how to cook authentic Greek meals with your crew or enjoy the beautiful scenery and crystal clear water during an afternoon at the beach. Not one day – or island – will be the same on your Explorer Sail Camp!
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A big thank you to the staff, my daughter really had a wonderful time! Thanks so much! We literally googled this camp, called, and had a good feeling. Booked it and it was such a lucky shot! She is super enthusiastic about the whole week and staff. Thank you so so much!

Caroline A.
The Netherlands

This long trip was really worth it! Simon is enthusiastic about those two weeks on board with you around the Solent and the Isle of Wight. He’s yet looking forward to coming back! It was a wonderful experience. When we listen to him talking about his stay, we wish there would be a sailing camp for recycled teenagers! Thank you to the crew and all of you for your cheerfulness, friendship and inventive spirit!

Delphine Barthelemy Maxwell

My 16-year old daughter had an amazing experience on the one-week Buccaneer camp in July. The weather was great for exploring The Solent and Isle of White. The Quaystage hosts, Miriam and Ben were fantastic - balancing the right amount of freedom, fun and control! Thank you - we hope to be back next year for a longer trip across the Channel.


My son spent a week sailing and he had a great time. All things worked seamlessly. Atmosphere was really good and Quaystage team is super nice and professional. Great experience for any teenager.

Davis S.

Brilliant! Our son, 17, had an amazing time. Superb organisation, extremely professional. Young people clearly had lots of fun, organisers were very careful to make the participants fit as best possible (age, goals etc.), loads learnt, great time had. Great communication too, both with parents and kids. Friendly, welcoming, uncomplicated, motivated. Could not be happier, great summer camp for young people. And they even organised splendid weather on the Solent . Thank-you!

Martina K.

My son had a fantastic time, Everyone was really nice, well organised, professional, Looked after the Kids well. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10. Thank you Quaystage


Our kids had a fabulous time with Quaystage this summer. They returned home happy, confident and with lots of stories to tell and new friends. The week was a good mixture of learning new skills, experiencing sailing for the first time, enjoying the outdoors and just messing around in the water or playing games on shore. They would love to return next year and hopefully they'll carry on sailing in the future!

Holly M.

Pioneer course was excellent for beginners wanting their 1st yatching experience. Lots of fun over 7 days with lots of self generated entertainment for the teenagers across teh whole week. Only small complaint was uneven storage arrangements between the crew.

Daniel d.V.

Excellent camp - my son had a wonderful time.

Rebecca B.
Quaystage training
Quaystage training

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